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Blue Blossom


A Beautiful Arrangement of 6 White Roses, 10 Chrysanthemum, 2 Baby Breath, with a Baby Boy Balloon on top in a 8 x 8 Box with a FREE Greeting Card.

P.S. Balloon Color, Text and Greeting Card can be customized based on the occasion.

Blue Blossom: Celebrating New Beginnings with Elegance

A Floral Symphony:

White Roses, Chrysanthemums, Baby’s Breath: Introducing the “Blue Blossom” – an enchanting gift that captures the essence of new beginnings. This arrangement is a graceful fusion of elements, harmoniously combining the purity of white roses, the vibrant charm of chrysanthemums, and the delicate allure of baby’s breath.

White Roses’ Tender Grace:

Symbol of Innocence: At the heart of the arrangement, white roses stand as a symbol of innocence and purity. Each petal radiates the promise and hope that a new baby brings to the world.

Chrysanthemums’ Joyful Radiance:

Embracing Happiness: The chrysanthemums add a burst of color and radiance, mirroring the exhilaration that a newborn’s arrival brings. Their varied hues paint a canvas of celebration.

Baby’s Breath’s Whispering Delight:

Gentle Touch: Delicate baby’s breath lends a touch of gentle elegance to the arrangement, much like the soft whispers of a baby’s laughter. Their presence adds an ethereal quality.

Baby Boy Balloon’s Sweet Announcement:

Welcoming with Joy: Crowned with a cheerful baby boy balloon, the arrangement becomes a joyous announcement of the precious arrival. It’s a charming proclamation of the family’s happiness.

Heartfelt Greetings: Greeting Card Included

Personal Touch: Enhance your gesture with a free greeting card, allowing you to convey your heartfelt congratulations and well wishes to the delighted parents. Customize your message to add a personal touch.

Celebrate with Charm: Order Now

Capturing Moments: Order “Blue Blossom – New Born Baby Boy Gift with White Roses, Chrysanthemums, Baby’s Breath, and Baby Boy Balloon” to celebrate this beautiful occasion. Extend your warm wishes and cherish the magic of new beginnings.

Please note that due to balloon and flower availability, the actual arrangement may have slight variations, making each gift uniquely special.

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