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Heaven on Earth


This sensational vase arrangement which is made up of fresh imported Flowers lilies, chrysanthemums gypso with 12 inches glass vase.

  • 2 Lilies,
  • 6 Chrysanthemums
  • 2 Gypso
  • 12 inches glass Vase.

Heaven on Earth – A Floral Symphony in a Vase

Indulge in the celestial beauty of our “Heaven on Earth” flower arrangement, a mesmerizing ensemble that brings the essence of a garden into your space. This heavenly bouquet is meticulously crafted with 2 Lilies, 6 Chrysanthemums, and 2 Gypso blooms, elegantly presented in a 12-inch glass vase for a touch of sophistication.

Bouquet Highlights:

  • Lilies: Representing purity and refined beauty, the 2 Lilies in this arrangement add a touch of grace and elegance. Their captivating fragrance enhances the overall sensory experience.
  • Chrysanthemums: With 6 Chrysanthemums, the bouquet introduces a burst of colors and positive energy. Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, optimism, and longevity, making them a perfect addition to this heavenly arrangement.
  • Gypso: The delicate and charming presence of 2 Gypso blooms provides a finishing touch, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Gypso adds a sense of whimsy and complements the other blooms seamlessly.

Ideal for Various Occasions:

“Heaven on Earth” is a versatile floral arrangement suitable for a range of occasions. Whether you’re sending it as a gesture of love, a symbol of sympathy, or a token of appreciation, this bouquet is designed to convey your sentiments with grace.

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