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LED Alphabetic Floral Box


This beautiful rectangular box arrangement which is made of fresh imported flowers, roses, chrysanthemums, gypso & HBD LED alphabet with rectangular box is going to leave a lasting impression.

8 roses, 10 chrysanthemums, 2 gypso & 3 words LED HBD alphabet with black rectangular box 24 inches by 9 inches.


The actual product may vary slightly.

Introducing our captivating LED Alphabetic Floral Box – a delightful fusion of nature’s beauty and technological charm. This exquisite ensemble features an arrangement of stunning roses, chrysanthemums, and gypsophila, lovingly nestled inside an elegant black rectangular box. But what truly sets this gift apart is the LED HBD alphabet, adding a touch of personalization that shines as bright as your affection.

The lush roses, with their vibrant hues, symbolize love and admiration, while chrysanthemums bring a sense of joy and positivity. Gypsophila, with its delicate white blossoms, adds an ethereal touch to the bouquet. This combination creates a harmonious visual delight that’s perfect for various occasions.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the LED HBD alphabet. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special moment, this customizable feature allows you to spell out your heartfelt wishes in radiant light. Imagine the surprise and delight when your loved one sees their name or a meaningful message illuminated within this charming floral arrangement.

Available all over Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, this LED Alphabetic Floral Box is not only a gift but a memory waiting to be cherished. It’s a symbol of thoughtfulness, love, and the beauty of technology coming together to create something truly unique.

Make your next celebration unforgettable with this enchanting LED Alphabetic Floral Box. Order now and let your emotions shine brighter than ever! Your recipient will be amazed by the beauty of nature and the warmth of your wishes combined in this extraordinary gift.

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