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Teddy with Big Love



9 red roses and a heart shape stick in a 6 x 6 box with a 28 inch Teddy Bear and a FREE Greeting Card

Reddy with Big Love: Roses and Teddy Bear

Make a statement of love and affection with this Combo. This delightful ensemble includes 9 stunning roses, a 28-inch cuddly teddy bear perfect for expressing your feelings on any occasion.

Elegant Roses: 9 Beautiful Roses

At the heart of this combo, you’ll find a dozen beautiful roses. Roses have long symbolized love and passion, and this arrangement is designed to capture the heart of your loved one. With vibrant colors and a captivating fragrance, these blooms are a feast for the senses.

Cuddly Teddy Bear: A 28-Inch Bundle of Love

Accompanying the roses is a soft and cuddly 28-inch teddy bear. Adorable and huggable, this teddy bear adds a touch of sweetness to your gesture. It’s a perfect companion for recipients of all ages and serves as a constant reminder of your affection.

Perfect for Every Occasion: Versatile Expression of Love

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply want to surprise someone special, this Combo is a versatile expression of love and affection. It’s a thoughtful gift that conveys your emotions without words.

Nationwide Delivery: Bringing Joy to Every Corner

No matter where your loved one is in Pakistan, our nationwide delivery service ensures that this delightful combo reaches them. From the bustling streets of Karachi to the cultural hub of Lahore, the capital city of Islamabad, the historic city of Rawalpindi, the vibrant city of Multan, and the charming city of Hyderabad, we’re here to bring joy to every corner.

Order Your Teddy with Big Love: Make Hearts Flutter

Don’t miss the chance to make hearts flutter with the this Combo. Order this enchanting gift from Rosetta Flora and let your loved one experience the joy of receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses, and a cuddly teddy bear. It’s a memorable way to show you care.

Explore Our Gift Collections: Discover More Ways to Share Love

If you’re looking for more gift options or want to pair this combo with additional surprises, explore our diverse range of gift collections. Each one is crafted to help you share love, warmth, and happiness with those who matter most.

In conclusion, this combo is a harmonious blend of roses and a teddy bear that speaks the language of love. Place your order today and let your emotions shine through this thoughtful and delightful gift

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