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12 Inches White Teddy Bear Holding Love Heart


Present your special someone with this special white teddy bear holding a heart. The comforting softness and its adorable face are accompanied by the amazing price it comes with. There’s nothing to brag about, but the price offered by Rosetta Flora is incomparable to any white teddy bear price in Pakistan. We have added this white teddy bear with hearts to the catalog of our amazing items for gifts by considering its elasticity to fit on several occasions. This teddy bear can be gifted in the following ways:
● Valentine’s Day
● Birthdays
● Casual Meetups
● Family Gatherings
● Casually to Young Ones
● Casually to Adults
● Weddings
● Anniversaries of various kinds

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A Gift From The Place of Heart For Every Occasion

A perfect cuddly gift for kids and adults alike. A white teddy bear holding a love heart is all that we want when we miss somebody. So make this 12-inch cuddly teddy bear a recurring item on your gifting list. We let you give reasons to be remembered and always be around your loved ones, even when you aren’t there. Sometimes all that makes sense is the emotion with which you give anything to anyone. Since your emotions are pure and wholesome, an adorable teddy bear with hearts will complete your admiration for the people who are dearest to you.

What’s Inside this Teddy Bear

The comfort it exudes is irresistible; invite hugs and enjoy the warmth of its plush fur. A delightful present for any occasion, the teddy bear’s charming giggle and velvety eyelids show authentic and unwavering affection. This cuddly present includes
● One Teddy Bear with a heart shaped love symbol in it’s lap

Soft & Adorable – White Teddy Bear With Hearts

Covered in soft plush fur, this teddy bear in white is an excuse to escape from social life and get into one’s own zone. Meanwhile, the most focused element or highlight of this white teddy bear is the sign of the heart with the message of love clearly written on it. This white teddy bear holding a heart is the ever-lasting essence of your compassionate relationship with your loved ones.

Quality Teddy Bears & Satisfying Customer Service

We have become a household name in the gifting industry in Karachi. This achievement has pumped us up to extend our services all over Pakistan. Hence, we started delivering a huge chunk of our products nationwide. Owing to the trust that the people have put in us, we cannot let anything make us compromise on our services or products. The same goes with this white teddy bear holding a heart. Rosetta Flora proudly owns and educates its products, and it keeps expanding its services across different cities in Pakistan. Even if you can’t buy on your own, we deliver top-notch products to your desired location without any extra steps. This is why a huge chunk of the teddy bears we deliver are ordered from overseas. This ensures people’s trust in us. Hence, white teddy bears with hearts carefully packaged for the desired destination always bring a positive review and elevated customer satisfaction. This is what our brand earns everyday.

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