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Colorful Happiness


16 Chrysanthemums, 10 Roses and 5 Baby Breaths Bouquet with 10 KitKat Chocolates and your personalized message on a FREE Greeting Card.


  • The actual product may vary slightly.

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Experience Pure “Colorful Happiness” with This Enchanting Ensemble

Subheading 1: A Burst of Joy

Experience pure joy and happiness with our “Colorful Happiness” ensemble. This enchanting arrangement combines the vibrant beauty of chrysanthemums and roses, the delicate charm of baby’s breath, the indulgent sweetness of KitKat chocolates, and a heartfelt personalized message. With convenient delivery available all over Pakistan, you can share moments of happiness with your loved ones.

Subheading 2: A Symphony of Blossoms and Chocolates

Chrysanthemum Elegance: The ensemble showcases a selection of vibrant chrysanthemums, symbolizing joy, positivity, and exuberance. Their cheerful colors and abundant blooms create an instant burst of happiness.

Radiant Roses: Roses add a touch of elegance to the arrangement. These timeless blossoms symbolize love, admiration, and appreciation. Their velvety petals and captivating fragrance convey heartfelt sentiments.

Baby’s Breath Delight: Delicate baby’s breath lends an airy grace to the ensemble, adding lightness and tenderness to the overall composition.

Chocolates Galore: To sweeten the experience, “Colorful Happiness” includes an assortment of KitKat chocolates. These delightful treats offer a symphony of flavors and textures, perfect for indulging in moments of delight.

Subheading 3: Personalized Message

With every “Colorful Happiness” ensemble, we include a complimentary personalized message. Customize your message to convey your heartfelt sentiments, creating a lasting memory that adds a personal touch to your gift.

Subheading 4: Order Now for a Joyful Gesture

Choose Rosetta Flora to share joyful moments with your loved ones. “Colorful Happiness” is an exquisite ensemble that combines the beauty of flowers with the sweetness of chocolates, creating memories that radiate happiness.

Experience pure joy with “Colorful Happiness.” Order now and let your love and happiness bloom in this enchanting ensemble.

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