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Daydream Bouquet with Sweets


This sensational bouquet consists of 6 Imported Roses, 3 Imported Lilies, 10 Imported Chrysanthemum and 2 Imported Gypso and it comes with 1 kg, 2kg, 3kg and 4 kg options of Traditional Pakistani Sweets

Please select the weight of sweets from the below options

Embrace the Ethereal: Daydream Bouquet with Sweets

A Floral Symphony with a Sweet Twist

Step into a realm of enchantment with the captivating “Daydream Bouquet with Sweets.” This meticulously curated arrangement is a fusion of nature’s beauty and the sweetness of traditional Pakistani treats. With 6 Imported Roses, 3 Imported Lilies, 10 Imported Chrysanthemums, and 2 Imported Gypso, it’s a visual and gustatory delight that promises to evoke joy and admiration.

Captivating Blooms: Nature’s Elegance

Roses in Bloom: The bouquet boasts 6 Imported Roses, each a symbol of love and elegance. These blooms, meticulously chosen for their vibrant hues and velvety texture, encapsulate sentiments that transcend words.

Lilies in Splendor: 3 Imported Lilies stand tall, exuding a sense of purity and sophistication. Their graceful presence adds an ethereal touch, elevating the arrangement to a realm of dreams.

Chrysanthemums’ Radiance: 10 Imported Chrysanthemums burst forth with vibrant radiance, infusing the bouquet with a vibrant energy that mirrors the warmth of a daydream.

Gypso’s Grace: The 2 Imported Gypso blooms bring delicate charm to the ensemble, offering a touch of whimsy that complements the bouquet’s overall allure.

Sweets for the Soul: Traditional Pakistani Delights

A Choice of Sweetness: Choose from options of 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, and 4 kg of Traditional Pakistani Sweets to indulge your taste buds in authentic flavors that have stood the test of time.

A Gourmet Journey: Immerse yourself in the delight of flavors that embody the essence of tradition and celebration. These sweets hold within them the stories of generations, a legacy of sweetness passed down through time.

Crafting Moments: Unforgettable Gestures

The “Daydream Bouquet with Sweets” is more than an arrangement; it’s an expression of affection and admiration. With every bloom and every bite, you’re creating moments that resonate deeply.

Order Now: Weave Your Daydream

Experience the enchantment of the “Daydream Bouquet with Sweets.” Order now and let the floral beauty and traditional sweetness craft unforgettable memories. Whether celebrating special occasions, expressing love, or simply delighting in life’s pleasures, this bouquet is a reflection of heartfelt gestures that touch the soul.


Bouquet with 1 Kg Sweets, Bouquet with 2 Kg Sweets, Bouquet with 3 Kg Sweets, Bouquet with 4 Kg Sweets

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