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Decent Arrangement


25 Red Roses (Imported) , 25 White Roses (Imported) and 3 Gypso (Imported) in a wooden box 


  • The actual product may vary slightly.

Elevate Your Gesture with the Decent Arrangement

A Harmonious Fusion of Emotions

The “Decent Arrangement” invites you to a realm where emotions take exquisite form. This arrangement isn’t just a collection of flowers; it’s a reflection of sentiments, a fusion of elegance and affection. Meticulously curated, it showcases 25 imported red roses and 25 imported white roses, a harmonious blend of colors that whisper tales of admiration and purity. Amidst this captivating array, 3 delicate imported gypsophila blooms add an ethereal touch, creating a symphony of emotions that surpasses words.

A Visual Poem: Roses in Splendor

At the forefront of this arrangement stand 25 imported red roses, each a symbol of passion and devotion. Their velvety petals caress the senses, their crimson hues radiating ardor. Complementing their charm are 25 imported white roses, an ode to purity and grace. The visual poetry they create is a testament to the artistry of nature.

Gentle Whispers: Gypsophila’s Delicate Charm

Amidst the roses dance 3 imported gypsophila blooms, their delicate demeanor a whisper of gentleness. Known as baby’s breath, they lend an ethereal touch to the arrangement, enhancing its allure. Each bloom is a note in a symphony of emotions, an expression of care and affection.

Crafted Elegance: Wooden Box Presentation

The “Decent Arrangement” is not merely a collection of flowers; it’s a masterpiece presented in a rustic wooden box. This artistic presentation speaks of authenticity and elegance, a reflection of the care and thought behind your gesture. The box becomes a canvas for emotions, encapsulating the beauty of the blooms within.

Unveil Your Sentiments: Order Now

Experience the magic of gifting with the “Decent Arrangement.” Whether celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or expressing heartfelt emotions, this arrangement bridges the gap between words and feelings. Order now and let your sentiments blossom in a display of floral elegance.

Please note that the actual appearance of the arrangement may slightly vary, reflecting the uniqueness of each creation.

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