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Decent Arrangement


25 Red Roses (Imported) , 25 White Roses (Imported) and 3 Gypso (Imported) in a wooden box.

Decent Arrangement: A Symphony of Love

An Elegant Composition of Roses

The “Decent Arrangement” is a harmonious symphony of love and elegance, meticulously composed to convey profound emotions. This exquisite bouquet unites 25 imported red roses and 25 imported white roses, artfully entwined to symbolize passion, purity, and grace. Delicate imported gypsophila adds an ethereal note to this artistic ensemble, ensuring your heartfelt sentiments are eloquently expressed.

Red Roses: The Poetry of Passion

At its heart, this arrangement boasts 25 imported red roses, the very embodiment of passion and devotion. Their velvety petals, painted in deep crimson, narrate a poetic tale of love and affection. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, or a tender gesture, red roses articulate your deepest feelings with ardor.

White Roses: A Tribute to Grace

In perfect harmony with the red roses, 25 imported white roses stand as a tribute to purity and grace. These blossoms bestow a touch of elegance on the bouquet, symbolizing the pristine nature of your emotions. Together with the red roses, they craft a visual poetry that is both timeless and enchanting.

Gypsophila’s Ethereal Whisper

Dancing among the roses, 3 delicate imported gypsophila blooms, also known as baby’s breath, contribute an ethereal touch to the arrangement. These petite white blossoms exude gentle charm, enhancing the bouquet’s allure. Each bloom whispers of tenderness in this symphony of passion and purity.

Elegance in a Wooden Gift Box

The “Decent Arrangement” is more than a mere collection of flowers; it is a masterpiece elegantly presented in a rustic wooden gift box. This artful presentation conveys authenticity, reflecting the thoughtfulness and care behind your gesture. The wooden box serves as a canvas for your emotions, encapsulating the timeless beauty of the blooms within.

Order Now to Unveil Your Emotions

Experience the enchantment of gifting with the “Decent Arrangement.” Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, expressing your love on Valentine’s Day, or marking a special occasion, this bouquet bridges the gap between words and emotions. Order now and witness your sentiments blossoming in a display of floral elegance.

Please note that the actual arrangement may exhibit slight variations due to seasonal availability, but it always retains its timeless elegance.

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