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Fields of Asia Arrangement


This sensational Bouquet which is made up of fresh imported Flowers.

4 Red Roses, 2 Lilies, 2 Chrysanthemum, 6 Silvester, 2 Gypso & 10 inch Vase.


  • The actual product may vary slightly.

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Fields of Asia Arrangement – A Tapestry of Red Roses, Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Silvester, Gypso, and Vase

Bringing Asia’s Beauty to You

The “Fields of Asia Arrangement” from Rosetta Flora is a harmonious tapestry of flowers and greenery, capturing the essence of Asia’s natural beauty. This stunning arrangement features a rich selection of red roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, Silvester, and gypso, elegantly displayed in a vase. Whether you’re sending your best wishes in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, or beyond, this arrangement is a vibrant representation of nature’s artistry.

A Symphony of Asian Blooms:

1. Regal Red Roses: Red roses symbolize love and admiration. Their rich color and velvety petals make a powerful statement.

2. Exquisite Lilies: Lilies represent purity and rejuvenation. Their graceful form and fragrant blossoms add an elegant touch to this arrangement.

3. Joyful Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums, available in various colors, convey happiness and good wishes. Their vibrant presence enhances the arrangement.

4. Sparkling Silvester: Silvester flowers bring a touch of sparkle to the composition, symbolizing celebration and joy.

5. Delicate Gypso: Gypso’s delicate white blossoms add a touch of grace and charm, creating a balanced contrast to the vibrant blooms.

Why Choose “Fields of Asia Arrangement”:

The “Fields of Asia Arrangement” is a wonderful choice for various occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, or as a gesture of appreciation for someone special.

Experience Asian Beauty with Rosetta Flora:

At Rosetta Flora, we take pride in bringing the world’s beauty to your doorstep. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery ensures your thoughtful gift reaches your loved ones, no matter where they are in Pakistan.

Choose the “Fields of Asia Arrangement” to embrace the elegance of red roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, Silvester, gypso, and vase. Order now to connect with the natural beauty of Asia and make your gesture truly memorable.

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