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FlexiFlora Basket


A Basket Arrangement of Imported 12 White and Pink Roses, 15 Chrysanthemum, and 3 Baby Breaths with a FREE Greeting Card.

P.S. Greeting Card can be customized based on the occasion.

FlexiFlora Basket: Where Elegance Blooms

A Symphony of Blooms:

Imported White and Pink Roses, Chrysanthemum, and Baby Breaths: Step into the enchanting realm of the “FlexiFlora Basket,” where a harmonious combination of 12 imported white and pink roses, 15 chrysanthemums, and 3 delicate baby’s breaths comes to life. This arrangement is a testament to the artistry of nature’s hues.

Roses’ Timeless Charm:

Elegance in Diversity: The white and pink roses stand as symbols of purity and admiration, each petal carrying emotions that words cannot convey. Their presence adds a timeless charm to the arrangement.

Chrysanthemums’ Vibrant Appeal:

Radiant Elegance: The chrysanthemums infuse the bouquet with their vibrant colors, mirroring the diverse beauty of the world. Their vivid hues symbolize joy and positivity.

Baby’s Breaths’ Ethereal Grace:

Delicate Whispers: The delicate baby’s breaths add an ethereal touch, much like whispers of a gentle breeze. Their dainty charm enhances the bouquet’s overall allure.

Sending Emotions:

Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad: Share your heartfelt emotions beyond boundaries – the “FlexiFlora Basket” can convey your sentiments to loved ones in major Pakistani cities.

Embrace the Blooms: Order Now

Creating Memories: Order the “FlexiFlora Basket – Basket Arrangement of Imported White and Pink Roses, Chrysanthemum, and Baby Breaths” and experience the beauty of nature’s artistry. Let this bouquet be a testament to your thoughtful expression.

Please note that due to the natural variation in flowers, the bouquet’s appearance may have slight variations, enhancing its unique allure.

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