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Enduring Love


Make her yours forever by expressing your love through a bouquet of bold and beautiful red roses alluringly decorated in a Candle Vase. This spectacular romantic present guarantees a ‘YES’ from her. This lovely flower bouquet presents long stemmed red roses.

The quantity of roses in bouquet are available in sets of 12, 24, 36, 50 and 100 with option of vase and without vase.

Enduring Love: A Timeless Gift of Elegance

Eternal Affection in a Vase

“Enduring Love” is not just a flower vase; it’s a timeless gift that encapsulates your deepest affection. This elegant arrangement is perfect for celebrating weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. With its graceful charm and everlasting blooms, it speaks volumes about the endurance of your love.

Elegant Blooms: At the heart of this enduring gift, you’ll find a collection of exquisite flowers that represent the enduring nature of love. Delicate roses, graceful lilies, and vibrant chrysanthemums stand as symbols of your eternal affection.

Timeless Grace: The arrangement’s exquisite flowers, skillfully arranged in a vase, carry an air of timeless grace. This gift is a reflection of your love’s endurance, a reminder of the beautiful journey you’ve embarked upon together.

A Personal Touch: Included with “Enduring Love” is a personalized greeting card. Here, you can inscribe your heartfelt words, adding a personal touch to your thoughtful gesture. Your message will speak of your love’s endurance, making this gift even more special.

Celebrate Milestones: Whether you’re commemorating a wedding, an anniversary, or the most romantic day of the year, “Enduring Love” is a fitting choice. It serves as a testament to your journey and the love that grows stronger with time.

Midnight Elegance: We offer the convenience of midnight delivery in Karachi and Islamabad, ensuring that your enduring gift arrives at just the right moment to surprise and delight your loved one.

Please note that the actual arrangement may vary slightly depending on seasonal availability, but the enduring love it represents will always shine through.

Celebrate your love’s timeless endurance with the flower vase. Order it today to let your affection stand the test of time.


12 roses 8 inches vase, 24 roses 10 inches vase, 36 roses 12 inches vase, 50 roses 14 inches vase, 100 roses 14 inches vase

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